I help managers and their teams to deliver profitable value and speed up decision-making.

For almost 20 years, I have been a partner in the creation of many impressive solutions in diverse industries.


I help startups, SMBs and corporations in Europe and around the world with innovation design and business development.

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Jiri Rusnak standing in the interior of the office by the railing, leaning lightly against it and looking into the distance.

Why me

I'm an experienced Product and Service Designer, Consultant, and Strategist, with hands-on experience leading small and large teams, on-site or remote, local or international. I've worked with companies based in Europe and overseas, across time zones, with people from different parts of the world.

As a former manager, team leader, auditor and digital nomad, I've seen the effectiveness, speed and positive impact of executive (closed, facilitated) workshops on teams and companies many times.

An example of one of the outputs of a real workshop focused on mapping the target customers, their needs and the company's value proposition.

Facilitated workshops are used daily by some of the most successful companies around the world, including Google, Netflix, HP, Lego, Slack, IKEA, Panasonic, McKinsey & Company, and thousands more.

A picture is worth a thousand words? 1 workshop is worth 1 000 meetings.

An executive workshop is a facilitated meeting in which, over a few hours, participants work independently and collaboratively to find an answer to a predefined question through purposefully selected activities.

A photo from a real workshop where the team is working together on a selected activity. It's not magic. It's a tool and organized, intense work.

Executive workshop benefits

  1. The results are achieved throughout the workshop.
  2. The results impact the team or company immediately.
  3. All you need are the people you already have.
  4. It usually takes a few hours up to 1 day.
  5. It's a low-risk, time-limited activity.
  6. All work and decisions are written down.
  7. The same level of involvement and space for everyone to express ideas.
  8. The next steps and responsible persons are written down.
A photo from a real workshop where the team is working together on a selected activity. An executive workshop is not a training, seminar or craft shop.

Executive workshop outcomes

  1. Alignment of participants and their goals.
  2. Increased confidence of participants in the achievability of a solution.
  3. Opens space for innovation both within and outside the company.
  4. Reduce operational and opportunity costs.
  5. Participants make a personal commitment to support and implement the solution.
  6. Participants feel a sense of relief associated with the removal of inhibitions, fears and preconceptions.

How it works


Half-hour initial consultation

  1. Together we will go over your current challenges, what you want to achieve and your expectations from the workshop.
  2. I suggest a relevant workshop and we agree on the number of participants, date and budget.
  3. After you confirm your interest in the workshop I will send you a contract and invoice.

Preparation interviews

  1. Before the workshop, I will make an individual phone call with each participant. I introduce the upcoming workshop, its goals, structure, rules and set expectations.
  2. Together we will go over their challenges and goals related to the workshop objective.

The workshop

  1. In a few hours, participants will find the answer to a pre-defined question through a purposefully selected activities.
  2. All participants work individually and together on each activity. First, I explain each activity and give a few examples.
  3. During the workshop, either a decision is made or an answer to a predefined question is written down. At the same time, participants create a to-do list for the next 14 days.

The most common workshops

Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder
Business Model Canvas is a strategic management tool enabling organizations to easily visualize and customize their business models. During the workshop, participants go through all 9 blocks, share their knowledge and explore new business models.
Decision-Making Workshop
The workshop creates a space for effective, informed decision making, both strategic and operational. During the workshop, participants explore and evaluate different options and approaches to reach consensus on a specific course of action.
Delivery Alignment Workshop
This workshop effectively aligns the client's goals with the supplier's goals and helps to set up their form of cooperation when introducing new processes, tools, ideas or technologies.
Design Sprint popularised by Google Ventures
Design Sprint is widely accepted as a workshop for effective exploration and validation of innovative ideas, new products or services in a controlled process. It is one of the longest workshops. Its shortest four-day version is characterized by intensive collaborative work among participants focused on finding solutions to problems or challenges, generating ideas, prototyping and testing them.
Digital Transformation Workshop
Helps companies define goals and processes for a managed transition to new, digital solutions providing higher work efficiency, information sharing and better decision making.
Idea Generation Workshop
Helps participants from different departments to come up with creative solutions to specific problems or opportunities. Participants work in groups to prioritize ideas and can develop prototypes. The main goal is to refine and implement innovative concepts.
Innovation Strategy Workshop
The workshop engages key stakeholders (partners) in developing a plan to foster innovation in the organization. Through collaborative activities, participants analyze trends, conduct competitive assessments, and link innovation goals to organizational objectives.
Problem-solving Workshop
Is a facilitated process focused on solving a specific problem or challenge. The facilitator leads participants through a series of activities to identify root causes, consider possible solutions, and make decisions about the next course of action.
Visioning Workshop
A meeting is held outside the office where the executives of an organization come together to define an attractive vision for the future. Through activities, participants establish shared values and long-term goals. This creative and reflective process fosters alignment, consistent direction for the organization, and provides information on strategic priorities to inform decision-making.
Service Design Workshop
It is a collaborative effort by participants across functions, including designers and partners, to improve or create new internal processes delivering greater value to customers. Organizations iteratively innovate their internal processes and gain happier customers.
Jiri Rusnak

Jiri Rusnak


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